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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

The site has been constructed so that students and other individuals conducting research can download and research information (in the form of an essay) on specific topics. We are here to offer information and essay writing help.

Who is for?

Anyone can use our website. Whether you are a student looking for papers on a topic you are writing an essay on or a web surfer looking for more accurate and detailed information on a subject than you'd get from searching on search engines, can help.

What type of essays do you accept?

We will accept essays of a high quality which in practice means essays that have received an A or B grade (or equivalent). We manually read and check every essay that is submitted to guarantee the quality of our database. We make no guarantees as to when your essay will be included in our index but we aim to say 'yes or no' within 2 days. The essay you submit must have be your own work and you must be the legal copyright owner of the paper (this is very important). In addition, we will only accept essays that are over 1000 words in length

Do I really need to submit an essay to you before I download an essay from your site ?

Yes, this is our deal. Submit one to us, and we'll let you have one of ours. Submission is simple - but your essay must be of A or B quality for us to accept it.

I want to download a paper from - how do I do it and what will I get?

Before downloading one of our papers, check that the essay title and details (word count etc) match what you are researching as we will usually not offer refunds after downloads. Every paper is free and to download the essay, you'll need to provide us with some personal information and your payment details.

What happens if I am not pleased with the essay I have downloaded?

The essays on the are all quality-checked and will be of an A or B grade standard. However we will not guarantee that every essay will meet your specific expectations. As such we will not offer refunds when an essay fails to meet what you were expecting. We will offer refunds though is the essay is of a poor quality (we have the final judgement as to what 'poor quality' means) or if a technical problem has prevented the essay being fully downloaded. If you do have a complaint about a specific essay we urge you to contact us with the complaint so we can respond and make improvements.

Isn't this site just for those who want to copy and plagiarise?

No. Our site is for research purposes only and you should be aware that takes the problem of plagiarism very seriously. We have plans to make our database available to anti-plagiarism watchdogs and other organisations in the future. What you do with our papers is entirely your responsibility but you should know that if you intend to hand in a plagiarised essay and get caught the punishments can range from loosing marks, receiving no marks or in some cases being exluded or sent down from your educational establishment.

My essay or part of my essay has been posted on my someone else, can I get it removed?

Yes, please just contact us and we will remove it immediately.

The essays that you submit must be match the following criteria:

  • Must be predominantly in English
  • Must be of A or B grade quality
  • Must have been written and produced by yourself and only yourself
  • The essay and its copyright must legally belong to you and only you
  • The essay must be Microsoft Word (.doc) or plain text (.txt) format
  • Please take time to read our terms and conditions