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University philosophy essays

Essay Censorship

Essay Theology and the love of God

Essay On the Borders of Language and Death: Derrida and the Question of the Animal

Essay Derrida

Essay mbti

Essay Why does Frege draw a distinction between Bedeutung, sense and idea? Is his analogy successful?

Essay Freindship is MAD

Essay Visual Language and Buddhist Dharma Theory

Essay What is the relationship between the Dionysian-Apollonian distinction and Socratic Rationalism in Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy?

Essay What is Hanslick's position with respect to the presumed emotional content of musical works? What are his (and his follower's) arguments?

Essay Evaluate some arguments for why there is something rather than nothing

Essay What is the “Difference Principle”? Does Rawls give good reasons for thinking that it is a requirement of justice?