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Fear is Our Friend Not our enemy Free essay! Download now

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Fear is Our Friend Not our enemy

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Fear is Our Friend Not our enemy essay previewFear is Our Friend Not our enemy essay previewFear is Our Friend Not our enemy essay preview


Describes Fear and its weakness but also the advantages behind it


Fear is not Your Enemy it’s Your Friend

Fear is the awareness of danger or simple to be afraid of what you are aware of. It is a highly respectable emotion by man for your fear can make you extremely aware and attentive of was going on or was about to a happen making it a very useful defensive mechanism. The human body, when taken control over by fear, gets a jolt of anxiousness which also comes with a huge dose of adrenaline make that someone or something highly energized prepared for anything just about. Fear can become uncontrollable in certain situations where a person loses their self in it becoming trapped, a prisoner controlled by fear.
My dad use to always make me and my little brother go get things, like he did have any legs or something. It use to get under my skin and really make me upset especially when tell me to go get his shoes out of or garage. Our garage wasn’t the best so you would have your occasional roach run down your path, so as a kid I was not having it but of course my dad would always make me go anyways and say that’s what men do.
The summer was around time my father as me to go get his shoes that day which was usually the time they would really be out because of the humidity that build up as a result of the intense summer sun. As I was entering the garage my younger brother and older sister were both watching me. I ran inside scrambling about looking for the shoes, I found one of the pairs pretty quickly actually, once I got both pairs I ran back to the door but walked through it and a huge roach fell on my shoulder. I had no idea at the time so I went on and gave my dad his shoes and he says thanks son now that wasn’t so hard was it. In my head I was thinking the same thing so why couldn’t he do it.
I proceeded to the kitchen with my sister and brother and they immediately being to back up from me. I was like, “what’s wrong guys” all nonchalant and they pointed at me and said your shoulder look. I look to my left and there it was sitting perfectly still and looking dead into my eyes as I stared blankly at his I was very hesitant and honestly scared I didn’t know what to do. My sister yells my name she tells me it was several times but I only remember one, and she yells “hit it knock ...

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