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PWC - Business organisations in their environments Free essay! Download now

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PWC - Business organisations in their environments

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PWC - Business organisations in their environments essay previewPWC - Business organisations in their environments essay previewPWC - Business organisations in their environments essay preview


Business organisations in their environments


Question 1 - Write a brief account of your own experiences to date using one of the three module themes

Using the module theme of ‘Theory and Practice’, I have used my experience as an employee at PwC to convey my thoughts on business organisations & their environments

My current role is as an IT project manager leading the application development of several analytics applications for use by staff within the Assurance practice and our clients globally. We can look in further detail by looking at PwC’s internal and external environment.

Some of the internal or immediate environment characteristics of PWC are;
Structure - Staff work together using a ‘hierarchical relationship’ (Powell), which means that there is more a clear cut reporting structure & specific individuals are empowered to make decisions and interact with the external stakeholder community
Culture – In the UK the culture is diverse, corporate and people work within a grade structure. Employees interact through formal channels
Focus - PwC is mostly known for accountancy & tax services but has a large consulting practice.
Size and reach - PwC is comprised of network of firms across157 countries and was deemed to be the 2nd largest professional services firm in the world. Within the UK firm there is approximately 20,000 staff across all lines of service and grades.
Complexity – The organization is a professional services multinational company with many different stakeholders on all levels and bridging multiple cultures/countries

Using the STEP Model, I can take a closer look at the influences in PwC’s external or wider environment:

One of the big factors in recent years is people’s attitude towards healthy living. PwC instigated a new management strategy to address the need to provide for this in the workplace. An internal program to encourage a more acceptable work life balance culture was introduced offering flexible working, working remotely, providing the means to use work computers and phones for personal use, healthy eating campaigns and setting up initiatives for employees to take part in corporate fitness challenges.
Corporate responsibility – Green initiatives are also prevalent, such as recycling on every floor and removal all normal bins that do not allow for recycling.


Technology is constantly changing the way we do things and if PwC do not stay on top of this challenge, then our clients will not differentiate us from our competitors.
Technology also allows us to do things differently. The demise of Arthur Anderson’s could have been prevented with better tools to manage the audit risks and information.
The company communicates to the world through it’s online presence.

Interest rates, exchange rates and the inflation rate have an impact on how PwC operates and make decisions. For example, interest rates affect the firm's cost of capital and ...

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