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GCSE english literature essays

Essay How and why has the character of Ralph started to change by Chapter 7?

Essay how has steinbeck presented curleys wife in Of Mice And Men?

Essay themes in Lord of the Flies

Essay Summary - Chapter 2

Essay romeo and juliet

Essay How does the writer’s mood change throughout the poem “In Paris With You”?

Essay A rose for Emily- William Faulkner

Essay Street car named desire

Essay The changes in Lady Macbeth

Essay How does Priestly Present Birling?

Essay Of Mice and Men- Life and TImes

Essay How does Shakespeare present the character of Romeo?

Essay What language does Marlowe use to describe the charater of Dr Faustus



Essay Pride and Prejudice Essay about Lydia Bennet

Essay How is Buffy Represented In The First 3 minutes?

Essay Quotes to go with the chart of responsibility using PQE

Essay Falcon questions and answers

Essay The forgotten battle for freedom

Essay Caged Bird Essay

Essay Urbanism in Faulkners Light in August

Essay What is the White Man's Burden?

Essay Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Essay Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Essay Blood and Water

Essay To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Essay The Chimney Sweeper - William Blake

Essay Social networking speech

Essay How and why does Macbeth change from a war hero to a mad, evil ruler?

Essay Multi-Cultural Spaghetti

Essay How does Priestly present Arthur Birling in Act 1?

Essay my dream house

Essay Macbeth is not evil by nature, but is corrupted by others, including the three witches and his wife.

Essay Huck Finn Debate on Racism

Essay The White Oleander

Essay Explain how John Boyne creates tension in any 3 chapters of The boy in the striped pyjamas

Essay Tale of two cities

Essay Mrs. Dalloway an Explication

Essay Euthanasia

Essay Act 1 Scene 5 Essay Film - Script - Romeo and Juliet

Essay How does Pierre present the role of the modern-media in Vernon God Little and how does this presentation effect the audiences understanding of the novel?

Essay Romeo and Juliet is ‘star–crossed lovers’ and their tragedy is often presented as fate. How far do you agree that fate rather than freewill controls their lives?

Essay Who is Daniel Defoe?

Essay romeo and juliet act 1

Essay Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Essay Who might Shakespeare have intended the audience To blame for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths?

Essay Comparing “Porphyrias lover” and “The Sisters”

Essay Oliver Twist

Essay Write a continuation of the novel beginning at the point where the novel ends. Could a new revolutionary leader appear? Might Benjamin decide to take a more active role? When and how might the society fail?

Essay English Assessment: The lost chapter

Essay Consider Marlowe’s ‘Doctor Faustus’ as a play of morality?

Essay GCSE sample essays

Essay How does Charlotte Bronte Create Sympathy for Jane Eyre in Chapter One?

Essay Romeo and Juliet - Choose one dramatic scene in the play, discuss how Shakespeare structures this scene to capture the audience’s attention.

Essay The Tyger By William Blake

Essay How does Shakespeare present forms of madness and how would this play with modern and Elizabethan audience perceptions?

Essay How Is Dramatic Affect Created In The Play?

Essay To Kill A Mockingbird - Notes

Essay Who or what is responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death?

Essay What evidence is there that Billy is not the complete failure that his school and society think that he is? What do we learn of his skills and talents in the novel and what do you think is Barry Hines trying to say about society?

Essay Compare and contrast the educational experiences that Billy has during his day at school. How are the experiences that Billy has in school important to the novel and what do you think Barry Hines trying to say about education in the 1960s?

Essay Choose 4 poems that are about the experience of parent/child relationships. Compare and contrast the situations in the poems and the poets' attitudes to them. (You must include at least one poem from each of the Gillian Clarke, Seamus Heaney and pre-1914

Essay Compare how the poets of “The Eagle” and “Patrolling Barnegat” show awe and respect for Nature with how awe and respect for Nature is shown in 1 Seamus Heaney poem and 1 Gillian Clarke poem


Essay Choose 2 Gillian Clarke poems where she has used ordinary events on her farm in Wales to reflect on more serious current affairs. Compare and contrast the methods that Clarke uses to reflect her feelings towards her subject matter.

Essay How are the songs important to “Blood Brothers”? What do they add and how do they help the play?

Essay Discuss the role of the Narrator and how he is important to the play “Blood Brothers” (Willy Russell)?

Essay How is the opening chapter of “Of Mice and Men” important to the rest of the novella?

Essay How does Dickens fulfil his role as social critic "Oliver Twist" (with close reference to chapters 2 and 3)?

Essay What do we learn about the hopes and dreams of the characters in the novella, “Of Mice and Men”?

Essay What do we learn about George and Lennie in the first chapter of "Of Mice and Men"?

Essay Analysis of Macbeth Soliloquies

Essay Manhood in Macbeth

Essay Pride and Prejudice

Essay Of Mice and Men Coursework Guide

Essay Themes: Violence in ‘Of Mice and Men’

Essay Early purges vs mid term break - Seamus Heaney

Essay Essay on Macbeth and Lady Macbeth - Grade A

Essay How does Shakespeare conduct scenes in Romeo and Julet in the way that creates the most dramatic impact?

Essay Examine the character of John Proctor, considering the ways in which Miller makes him a suitable protaganist for his views on society and morality

Essay How does Dickens shape the readers’ first impression of Miss Havisham?

Essay The Life and Works of William Shakespeare

Essay The poetic creativity of Shelley and Keats

Essay Eating disorders

Essay The Zodiac - Robert Graysmith

Essay Essay for the Shakespeare play “Macbeth”

Essay Analyse the poem `Because I Could Not Stop for Death,' by Emily Dickinson

Essay Chaucer's characters

Essay “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’ Connor

Essay Is Shylock presented as a victim or villian?

Essay Old Majors Speech and how it relates to the rest of the novel animal farm

Essay Fever 1793

Essay Ballads

Essay Great Expectations - ‘How does Dickens engage the reader in the opening section of the novel?’

Essay An Inspector Calls - What is the dramatic interest for the audience in the opening section of the play?

Essay Of Mice and Men Coursework - How is Prejudice Represented Within the Story and What Role does it Play?

Essay The Merchant of Venice Bonds - English Coursework

Essay Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck - Characters

Essay Consequences of Man's Attempt to Master Life Exposed in Frankenstein

Essay A Biography of Emily Dickinson's Life and Writing

Essay What devices and techniques are used which lead us to believe 'The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' is a novel of deception and secrets?

Essay Julius Caesar: Do you agree with Antony’s assessment of Brutus in “Julius Caesar”?

Essay Great Expectations: How successful is Pip in fulfilling his expectations?

Essay Who is most responsible for the murder of King Duncan in Shakespeare's play Macbeth?

Essay How does Steinbeck present loneliness and isolation in “Of Mice and Men”?

Essay Who is responsible for the death of King Duncan in “Macbeth”, by William Shakespeare?

Essay How does Edgar Allan Poe keep the reader in suspense in “The Tell–Tale Heart”?

Essay Explore how Donne’s poetry was influenced by developments in scientific progressions, exploration and religion.

Essay With reference to Edgar Allen Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher and any other related source material, how successful is Oscar Wilde in creating a Gothic novel with The Picture of Dorian Gray?

Essay Blood Brothers

Essay What does the novel Silas Marner have to say about the relationship between parents and their children?

Essay Write about how the authors have made you aware of different experiences and feelings associated with growing up.

Essay Blood Brothers

Essay Marriage, Life and Religion in Romeo & Juliet

Essay Compare and contrast the presentation of ‘London’ in ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’ and ‘London’

Essay Examine the ways in which the two poets, Wordsworth and Blake, present contrasting views of London in their poems

Essay Trace the metamorphosis of Rita from an unfulfilled hairdresser to an educated woman. If you were directing the play, how would you show these changes in Rita’s character?

Essay Pride and prejudice

Essay What aspects of 18th century life does Blake attack in the poem London?

Essay “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” How far do you believe Napoleon’s leadership in Animal Farm bears out the truth of this maxim?

Essay GCSE English coursework – Media work

Essay Animal Farm - Snowball's pamphlet

Essay Pre 1914 Short Stories Essay