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GCSE chemistry essays

Essay Daphnia Caffeine

Essay Reactions of group 1 elements with water

Essay To find out how the concentration of hydrochloric acid affects the rate of reaction

Essay Evaluation Rates of Reaction

Essay Comparison between real Vitamin C concentrations to the Vitamin C concentrations found in fruit juices

Essay To determine the activation energy of the reaction between bromate ion and bromate(V) ion in acid solution.

Essay Ammonia and the Haber process

Essay The Vitamin C content of fruit juice

Essay Viscosity in Food Production

Essay Why do they put mint in toothpaste? Would garlic be better?

Essay The importance of water

Essay Chemistry coursework plan - Which equation is correct?

Essay Water - Why is it so special?

Essay Chemistry Coursework

Essay Enzyme Investigation

Essay What is Acid Rain?

Essay Aim: To decipher which of the first six alcohols is the best fuel.

Essay Rate of Reaction - To find out how concentration affects the rate of a reaction

Essay Electrolysis Investigation

Essay Rates of reaction