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A Level history essays

Essay Long term causes of World War I

Essay The Life of Audrey Hepburn

Essay The story of immigrants

Essay battle of jitra

Essay European History - Unification of Italy

Essay WW2 Malaya: Battle of Jitra

Essay Major Slave Rebellions during 1816,1823 and 1831

Essay Copernicus' cosmos

Essay What were the causes of Philip II of Spain's financial difficulties

Essay Martin Luther king

Essay The Catholic Reformation would not have succeeded without the Council of Trent, Do you agree?

Essay The History of the American Bottom

Essay Assess the contribution of the Jesuits to the Catholic revival in the Sixteenth Century

Essay How did ideas about race and about the primitive influence the response of Western Europeans to art from Benin from 1897 onwards?

Essay What do you understand by the notion of an `Invented Tradition`? In what ways have Irish nationalists used `invented traditions` to shape a common understanding of the national past? Discuss with reference to no more than three examples.

Essay How and why have the Vedas remained preserved in oral tradition long after many of their religious connections and rituals have faded from practice?

Essay turkey opium production

Essay Continuity and change in family arrangements in China. A comparison with the UK family

Essay Sun Yat Sen

Essay To what extent does Stalin achieve conformity amongst women

Essay Apartheid in South Africa

Essay Enlightenment Views on Modern Terrorism

Essay History of TV

Essay History DBQ

Essay Using the passages and your own knowledge, assess the view that the Spanish Inquisition had a major impact on the people of Spain in Phillip II’s reign – 1554-1598

Essay What was the short term significance of the Wall Street Crash of 1929 for International Relations?

Essay Attitudes towards women and their right to vote had changed by 1918. How important was the First World War in bringing about this change? Explain your answer.

Essay Berlin Blockade Escape Methods

Essay A missionary caught ‘in-between’? - The ambiguous nature of British Protestant missions in the South Pacific

Essay To what extent is Germany responsible for the 1st world war?

Essay The identity of Jordanians of Palestinian origin

Essay ‘Hitler cunningly concealed his aggression in the years 1933-36 and this explains his diplomatic successes in these years’ How far do you agree with this statement.

Essay How far do you agree that the black power movement achieved little for black Americans

Essay Who was Andy Goldsworthy?

Essay “What role did Russia’s performance in the First World War play on the origins of the February Revolution?”.

Essay Why was France able to emerge victorious against so many foreign enemies in the years 1794 – 97?

Essay The enigma of Bismarck as Imperial Chancellor

Essay Describe the ways in which the methods of the suffragists and suffragettes were different?

Essay Why was Catherine de’ Medici unable to prevent theCollapse of France into civil war after the death of her husband,Henri II, in 1559.

Essay What should we understand by the term Renaissance?

Essay To what extent was US intervention in to Korea purely a response to communist aggression?

Essay To what extent was the foreign policy of Philip II consistent?

Essay To what extent was Philip and absolute monarch?

Essay Why did regional variations in the intensity of early modern European witch hunting exist?

Essay How important was religion in the development of the Dutch Revolt?

Essay Assess the claim that in 1529 most people were satisfied with the condition of the Church in England?

Essay Was the period 1834 – 1875 a period of change or continuity?

Essay How far should the outcome of the Korean War be seen as a triumph for the USA?

Essay How successful were the legal methods used by the suffragists in acheving the vote by 1908?

Essay How far did the Liberal government respond in a rational way to the increasing level of suffragette violence, in order to maintain law and order?

Essay To what extent, and for what reasons, did Jewish people fail to resist Nazi policies in the period 1933 and 1945?

Essay How far were the policies of Catherine de Medici responsible for the outbreaks of religious war in 1562?

Essay The allied bombing campaign made no significant contribution to the defeat of Germany. How far do you agree with this statement?

Essay Why was Italy, especially Florence, the focus of the Renaissance in Europe 1450-1530?

Essay English Foreign Policy 1515-29

Essay Aims of Henry VIII 1509-15

Essay To what extent do the following sources support the view expressed by Eric Richards that the main reason for crofters having to leave their land was the price of wool?

Essay ‘Do nice guys always finish last?’

Essay The US involvement in Vietnam was a just and necessary war. Unfortunately, it was doomed from the start

Essay What factors helped and what hindered Sino-Soviet relations in the period 1945-1969?

Essay The Irish famine 1845 - 1849

Essay How Protestant was England by 1553?

Essay How Protestant was England by 1547?

Essay How important were the events of 1848 in the overthrow of Louis Philippe?

Essay How far was the Church in need of reform in 1529?