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Google innovation essay


Creative Outputs
Google looks for ideas from everywhere – internally and externally - from leaders and engineers to customers and other developers. Innovations can spring from the process of solving a problem (eg Google News), from the acquisition of an interesting new technology (eg Google Maps) or more formally from a planned strategic objective (eg Google Mail). In the case of Google News, a Google employee became very interested in trawling the news sites after 911, searching about news on Anthrax and other terrorist subjects. He decided to create a program to help him to compile all of the relevant news stories for a particular subject. After a while using this program he decided to share with Google colleagues with a view to creating a tool for others to use. Whilst not all products or features are developed from purely internally generated ideas, it takes creativity to spot an idea with potential and to transform that idea into a truly innovative product. Google noticed some programmers in Australia who were very good at creating map interfaces. Google purchased the company and put some of their best Java programmer to task to create a map search engine and Google Maps was born. Google Desktop was created out of strategic intent. Google understand the importance of collaboration to creativity with a Google think-tank finding an 80% correlation between the two. Many of Google's products were created with a view to increasing creativity of its own employees. Google Mail began life initially as an internal mail system with features that would encourage collaboration; Google Docs allows users to create, edit and collaborate on documents.

A flat organisational structure crammed with other like-minded employees empowers individuals to be creative and to share their ideas. Most Google employees were attracted to Google for the opportunity to work alongside other "brilliant" people above all else. The organisational structure, with often as many as 40-60 employees to one manager, requires a great of self management and self managed teams which in turn requires and develops a high degree of mutual trust. This trust enables employees to focus to open innovation rather than who gets credit for an idea. The "license to pursue dreams" provided by the 20% personal innovation time is responsible for many of the innovations launched by Google. In the second half of 2005 for example, 50% of launches came from “20% time” projects. Products created by these projects include Google News, Gmail, Orkut and AdSense.

Ninety-nine percent of Google's revenue is derived from its advertising programs. Google has implemented various innovations in the online advertising market that helped make them one of the biggest brokers in the market. Using technology from the company DoubleClick, Google can ...

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