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All of our essays are of A or B equivalent quality. Here are some sample excerpts from our database:


Why was the single currency introduced, and how successful has it been since its introduction in 1999?

"The cost of EMS was also a reason for EMU, if a currency had downward pressure on its exchange rate, it would have to realign its currency through the buying of its currency of increase of interest rates. Failure to do so would result in realignment, which would cause inflationary pressures on the economy. This was of course undesirable and dangerous to those weak currencies, and the speculation of Black Wednesday, 1992 showed the pressure and fragile nature of currencies. The fixation of the currencies under EMS also provided a reason to move toward a single currency, to prevent the currency rising, as convergence and fewer realignments were necessary the longer the system lasted to provide convergence would provide inflation to the member state with a strong currency, that was not allowed to realign. In turn their exports would become less competitive, diminishing their domestic export employment rates. Finally, the power of West Germany, as the largest economy gave her considerable power not only in the setting of interest rates, but also with significant trade negotiations with the U.S. for instance, and therefore made the EMS unsustainable."


What is Acid Rain?

"The two most important primary sources of acid rain are sulphur dioxide (SO2) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Sulphur is a colourless, pungent gas produce during the combustion of fossil fuels containing sculpture. A variety of industrial processes such as the production of steel and iron and crude oil processing produce this gas. This gas is also emitted into the atmosphere by natural means. Ten percent of the sculpture in the atmosphere comes from volcanoes, sea spray, plankton and decomposing vegetation.
The other gas primarily accountable for the formation of acid rain is nitrogen oxide. The term ‘oxides of nitrogen' describes any compound of nitrogen with any amount of oxygen atoms."


What is the relationship between the Dionysian-Apollonian distinction and Socratic Rationalism in Nietzsche's Birth of Tragedy

"The two forces represent a conflict of two eternally opposing principles. “Dionysus ever escaping from the forms that Apollo is ever creating for him. And it is just this unceasing conflict that is the essence of life itself; life is conflict. Dionysus without Apollo would be unmanifest pure energy. Apollo without Dionysus would be dead, inert. Each is necessary to the other, but in active opposition; for, as stage by stage the play proceeds, Apollo must build continually more beautiful, more enduring forms, which Dionysus, in turn, must continually surmount and transcend.” (Orage, 1906: p35)"