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Saturday 10th October 2015

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Welcome to Our site is a directory of freely downloadable essays, pieces of coursework and other research worthy material.

We have 1816 essays to download!

Download A and B grade University, A level and GCSE essays on our site in exchange we ask you submit an essay to us. This helps to expand our database and increase the value of the site to others in your position.

All of our material is intended for research purposes only. Users should be aware that plagarism can carry severe punishments.

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GCSE coursework, essays & projects

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  • History (68)
  • Latin (1)
  • Maths (8)
  • Media Studies (6)
  • Philosophy (6)
  • Physical Education (2)
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    AS and A Level coursework, essays & projects

    University coursework, essays & projects

    marketing management:kfc china
    A Level / Business Studies
    Accesories Mens report
    A Level / Business Studies
    Operation management for IKEA
    University / Business Studies
    How is a relationship with God prevalent in Volpone
    A Level / English
    Russia 1917–1941
    University / History
    How personal can ethics get?
    A Level / Business Studies
    Egg Farming
    A Level / Design and Technology
    Erikson’s Psychological Stages
    University / Psychology
    Summary - Chapter 2
    GCSE / English Literature
    The extent to which the news is selected according to the demands of the target audience
    A Level / Sociology